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Assessing Our Self-Care

"Self-care." AKA taking care of oneself.

What does this really mean? What is involved?

Let's break it down!

Self care involves activities, habits, and all of the things we do to look after ourselves.

More specifically, it can be broken down into the following categories:

  • physical self care

  • psychological self care

  • emotional self care

  • social self care

  • spiritual self care

  • professional self care

While the first three (physical, psychological, and emotional) forms of self care are the most forthright elements in what constitutes "our state of wellbeing," the latter three (social, spiritual, and professional self care) are important pieces to the puzzle; and, should be considered when it comes to assessing our overall self-care practices/performance.

When thinking about how you can best (or better) take care of yourself, don't fail to consider the many, many factors that play a role! This ranges from your eating habits all the way to your ability (or lack thereof) to say no in social situations.

Self-care is something that a large number of people have not been privy to throughout their lives and/or their upbringing. If it's something that you feel you are struggling to navigate, you can receive constructive support through professional counselling.

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