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New to Therapy?

Great! It's a pleasure to welcome you!

One of Rebecca's goals as a Registered Psychotherapist is to help bring comfort and confidence in the process of therapy - right from the start.

Choosing to start therapy is a wise decision for anyone who is interested in modifying their way of life and/or relationship. Therapy is a major gateway to finding peace, contentment, and understanding; and furthermore, to finding connection with your authentic self. It is by finding this truest version of you that you become enabled to change your world in such a way that allows you to then live your best life. The process is not always easy - and certainly not an easy one to start. However, once you do, doors of many possibilities can become available to you.

By participating in therapy, you can:

  • increase your sense of self

  • learn to take responsibility

  • generate self-esteem

  • create self-awareness

  • find/create balance

  • establish boundaries

  • become more assertive

  • connect with your vulnerabilities

  • learn to communicate more effectively

  • explore your habits of thinking

  • talk to someone in confidence, without worry of judgment

  • re-connect with your authentic self (i.e. values, beliefs, goals)

  • initiate change within your intra- or inter- personal relationship(s)

Some things to consider / think about / take note of:

  • mental health IS PART of your overall health

  • mental health does not mean mental illness

  • people see personal trainers at the gym - i.e., they work with a professional for extra support/guidance through their journey towards fitness / physical health

  • therapy is all about YOU!  

  • psychotherapists and mental health practitioners are human, too!

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