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Tips and Tricks: Stay Stress-Free During the Holidays

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Are you one of the many people who dreads the holidays?

Maybe you love this time of year but can't fathom the pain of a certain memory.

Perhaps it's nothing short of chaos each and every year, without fail; and with that, you associate the holidays with major headaches.

If for any reason you stress out about or because of the holidays, I invite you to read on!

Tip #1 - Set Boundaries.

First and foremost - set your boundaries!!!

And I'm not just talking about the boundary that needs to be implemented with your second aunt who never seems to know how to mind her own business. I'm also talking about INTRAPERSONAL boundaries - the ones you set for yourself.

Boundaries are going to be your first defense in preventing stress from people who are already stressed out because

of the hustle and bustle inherent to the time of year.

Tip #2 - Take Time for Self-Care.

In between all of the running around, be sure to allot time for yourself. It can be as few as 30 minutes; but, simply, make sure you do it.

Tip #3 - Be Open and Honest.

Don't be afraid to let your loved ones know how you're feeling.

If you're overwhelmed, say so.

If you need to take a moment for you, let them know.

Tip #4 - Remember You're Not Anone.

Even if and when you find yourself in a flurry of worry, remember that you are not alone.

Tip #5 - Enjoy.

Try to enjoy when and what you can. Instead of thinking about the holidays as a source of stress, try to immerse yourself; and give yourself the chance to enjoy.

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