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Whether you are  new to therapy or well-versed, you are welcome here and deserve to know that you are not alone. Let me start by asking you some questions.

Do you ever...

  • feel not good enough?

  • feel defeated; fed up; or just simply at a loss?

  • feel trapped in your thoughts?

  • become frustrated with yourself for feeling or acting certain ways?

  • experience this sense of pressure, from the outside world, that you need to do ABC in order to be XYZ? but even then, you can't imagine that even being good enough?

If yes to any of the above, I would love to invite you to explore my services. My online practice, Uniquely You Counselling and Psychotherapy, was established in 2020 with people like you, like me, like all of us in this world, in mind.


You CAN let go of the pressure to 'fake it til you make it.'

You CAN succeed at initiating change within your life.

You DO have options, choices, and/or alternatives available to you.

You ARE able to take a re-route and jump on a different path.

You DO have the skills within you to re-connect with the authentic you.


As Confucius said:

'Our greatest glory is not in never falling,

but in rising every time we fall.' 


Uniquely You was launched in early 2020 with a clear intention:

to make therapy an enjoyable and enriching opportunity for people. 

Rebecca is committed to providing individuals and couples with

professional yet personable support and treatment. 

Three words to describe the practice:

  • realistic

  • compassionate

  • non-judgmental

Sessions are conducted by a secure online platform that is compliant with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). Access to this platform requires a smartphone, tablet, or computer/laptop; but really and truly, is very easy! For those who prefer to opt out of the video software are more than welcome to choose to have sessions by phone.


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Owner / Founder

Rebecca Wabischewich

Registered Psychotherapist


Be like a tree.
Stay grounded. Connect with your roots.

Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Show your unique beauty. Keep growing. Embrace the seasons. Stand tall after a storm.

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