• grief

  • stress

  • anger

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • low self-esteem

  • life changes

  • troubled sleep

  • thoughts of suicide

  • relationship difficulties​​

  • post-traumatic stress

  • personality & mood disorders

  • personal growth and discovery

  • goal setting and motivation

Into the Woods

Evidence-Based Practice

Some of the theoretical backgrounds that Rebecca works from include psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioural, and social learning. She uses a variety of evidence-based interventions and therapies such as CBT, mindfulness, narrative therapy, acceptance therapy, and solution-focused therapy.


Have you been through a lot? Enough? Some STUFF?

Perhaps you're in a lull. Maybe you are struggling with a diagnosis. Whatever it may be, you ought to know that your courage is recognized. Being here - preparing to reach out - is a huge first step.


Now that you're here, you're ready for the road. The road towards growth, healing and development - which ultimately, opens the door to life change.

If you decide to reach out, you can be sure that everything that makes you uniquely you will be taken into consideration from the initial point of contact to the end of your therapeutic journey. Each client's individual plan for therapy/treatment is discussed at the time of intake and is re-visited through therapy as needed to ensure the process is suiting the client's unique needs. Therapy does not require an agenda. What matters is that it's tailored to suit YOU.

Participating in counselling/psychotherapy opens the door to many positive outcomes. By working with Rebecca, you can:


  • Increase your self-awareness and sense of self

  • Explore, identify, and make sense of your feelings

  • Develop skills to regulate and express your emotions in a healthy, constructive way

  • Improve your communication skills and ability to problem solve effectively

  • Set achievable goals and unveil your inner motivation

  • Develop healthy (or healthier) behaviours and forms of coping