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"The good life is a process,
not a state of being."
                     - Carl Rogers

Stone Balancing




 30 mins or 60 mins 

grief, stress, anger, anxiety,  depression, self-esteem, guilt, narcissism, life changes, sleep problems, thoughts of suicide, relationship difficulties, post-traumatic stress, goal setting, motivation, coping skills, negative thinking, attachment issues



 60 mins 

conflict reduction/resolution, 
communication skills, emotional expression, transitional challenges, attachment issues, guilt, jealousy, next steps in the relationship

Please contact for fee information.

Sliding scale (reduced fee) available for those without insurance coverage.

Please remember that OHIP does not cover psychotherapy; and therefore, you must check with your insurance provider whether your plan covers services offered by Registered Psychotherapists.

Detailed receipts are provided following every session which can be submitted to your insurance company and/or retained for tax purposes.

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